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senior finance managers

The Inner Game Methodology at work was used to help managers learn and adopt certain Inner Game tools and techniques, that enabled them to move towards their desired outcomes in a more fulfilling and productive manner at  work, in their personal relationships, and life. 

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Lawn tennis association Coaches and players

This is on-going work which is aimed at helping coaches and players to recognise how much potential we all have and equally, how much we all interfere with that potential. It is about working to become more self-aware, and self-responsible and then learning how to focus our attention on what's most important so that we can acheive higher levels of performance, learning and enjoyment.

all star tennis coaches and business personnel

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The founders of All Star Tennis were looking for a 'way of being' that would enable  personal growth, a sense of team, and productivity within their workforce. The Inner Game Methodology enabled personnel to develop greater self-awareness, increased self-responsibility and higher levels of trust in their potential and the potential of others.