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All programmes designed by Timothy Gallwey author of the Inner Game Series 

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Georgie Gent smash.jpg

Georgie Gent - Former GB No 3 Women's player & Coach at Wimbledon TC

I wish we had learned this when I was playing, nobody talked about it.

Andrew Foster.jpg

Andrew Foster  - Former GB No2 Men's player & Coach of the Foster Pro Squad

Thanks for the training Andy, I think it was very beneficial’ At the weekend, ‘Parth won a grade 3 tournament and told me he used some of the techniques during certain times in the matches. Most of the players are becoming more self-aware and more positive!

Sam Richardson photo.jpg

Sam Richardson - Head of Products & Programmes at the LTA

This was a fantastic course which I think most, if not all coaches would really benefit from. Andy was a great tutor and has helped me to re-think my approach to how I might get the best out of my players.

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Rachael Wood -

Director Financial Management Information and Analysis

The Inner Game course is an amazing opportunity for a small group to learn and grow as individuals benefiting both work and personal life.  I am really glad that I arranged this for my team as their testimonials speak for their self.  I trialled the course so also have direct experience of what this can do to open up your mind.  Reminding myself to pause and to take away self judgement has definitely made a difference to how I have dealt with situations since.  I am so pleased with how this course went that I am already planning for a second cohort from my team to participate in this in the summer.