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From Sport to Business

In 1974, Timothy Gallwey wrote a book called ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’, and in it, he put forward a different way to go about learning and making change in ourselves and others which resulted in higher levels of performance, learning and enjoyment. Very soon the Inner Game methodology was being applied to other endeavours such as golf, skiing, work, music and stress. In the late 70’s, Sir John Whitmore from the UK, trained with Gallwey in the Inner Game.  After a short spell delivering trainings to people in tennis and skiing, Whitmore very quickly became involved with workplace coaching, pulled in this direction by others who could see how the Inner Game could develop people and more importantly, impact the ‘bottom line’ within business. Whitmore wrote a book that details how to go about coaching at work, called, ‘Coaching for Performance’ and has been accredited with being the World’s leading Business coaching Guru.  We have been fortunate to enough to spend time learning from these 2 giants of coaching since 2002 and it is a combination of their insights and trainings that greatly informs our practice as coaches and trainers today. 

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